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Epoxy floor coating incorporates several benefits, including a long-lasting hardness that will significantly increase the lifetime of your floor surface, saving you money. With proper epoxy flooring services, you can depend on your floors for many years.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner in Lexington, KY trying to find an epoxy flooring team to install durable yet aesthetically pleasing floors, we are here to assist. We have the skills and know-how needed to produce a flawless, stunning design. Epoxy floors are ideal for whatever room of the house or business space you’ve got in mind.

Customers can depend on us for different floor services, such as maintenance and repairs, concrete polishing, floor coating, and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you need any additional assistance. We can answer your questions and resolve your issues over the phone or by email. You’ll also stay up-to-date with us if you want more information or an estimate for our epoxy flooring services.

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Epoxy Flooring Lexington, KY, is happy to provide full coating and epoxy floor protection services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients in the city. Our professionals can create a customized, long-lasting solution for you at a reasonable price. Above all, our epoxy flooring services offer a fine-looking finish that can withstand wear and tear.

We’ve provided unique epoxy floor solutions for various settings, including home garages, basements, car showrooms, warehouses, and other commercial spaces. We have an extensive range of colors, decorative treatments, and bespoke effects to help you achieve your desired design.

Epoxy Floor Services Near Me - Lexington, KY - Epoxy Installation
Epoxy Flooring Company In Lexington, KY - Garage Epoxy

Garage floors endure wear and tear and heavy traffic from different types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, yachts, bicycles, and lawn equipment. With that, they deserve a floor coating that won’t only give them protection but also bring them aesthetic appeal.

We are the team to call for your epoxy garage floor installation in Lexington, KY. Be it for your home’s garage or commercial garage, our garage epoxy company can give you attractive floors that can stand the test of time.

Both household and business owners will benefit from our polished concrete floors. Whether you’re trying to keep a safe and clean-looking concrete sidewalk ahead of your business space or want to make your home’s concrete walkways more resistant to wear and tear, we have the service for you. With thousands of color and pattern possibilities, we’ve got a mode to satisfy any demand.

Epoxy Flooring Lexington, KY is one of the top-rated concrete epoxy companies in the city that can provide one-of-a-kind flooring for your unique space. Our concrete polishing services are ideal for commercial, industrial, and other high-traffic areas.

Epoxy Floor Services Near Me - Lexington, KY - Concrete Polishing
Epoxy Flooring Lexington - Commercial Epoxy

Epoxy Flooring Lexington, KY, offers metallic epoxy flooring services to homeowners and business owners who want their floors to stand out.

We have a broad selection of tints and finishes to choose from, from a subtle gray with a fragile sheen to a vivid blue with a metallic sheen. Our team allows you to completely customize your epoxy flooring to your unique tastes and preferences. Do you want your concrete floor to have the look of marble, quartz, or colorful glass? It’s possible with the assistance of our epoxy floor installers.

You can collaborate with our Lexington-based epoxy floor designers to form a one-of-a-kind design that reflects your business and makes it simple for people to acknowledge your brand the instant they see it. The possibilities of our decorative epoxy are endless, from metallic floor coating to 3D epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring has the advantage of not requiring replacement or ongoing substantial repairs and maintenance.

For many years to come, you will be ready to benefit from its practical, functional, and aesthetic benefits.

Basement Epoxy Flooring - Lexington
Commercial Epoxy Flooring - Lexington

With our commercial epoxy flooring service, we can provide your building floors with the very best protection against wear and tear, foot and machinery traffic, and corrosion.

Our team can work with a wide range of industries in the Lexington area. We can install epoxy floors in restaurants, warehouses, automotive shops, and retail stores and ensure they will last for many years.


Epoxy flooring isn’t as slick as it appears. You may add a skid-resistant ingredient to the topcoat to make the floor safe, even when wet. When epoxy flooring becomes wet without a nonslip component, it can become extremely slippery, especially when oil spills occur.

Yes, epoxy was designed expressly for concrete floors, whether they were garage floors, industrial operations, or showrooms.

Because of its benefits, we recommend epoxy flooring for bathrooms. It is waterproof, easy to clean, and attractive, making it ideal for rooms prone to dampness and wetness. You can also use epoxy flooring coating to cover old and worn-out floors or create new flooring.

It works both ways, whether you’re pouring epoxy over a tile floor or pulling it out and beginning over. Because a tile floor is more prone to water damage and damaged tiles, a high-quality epoxy coating could help it last longer.


Epoxy floor coatings are simple to use and cure quickly. Epoxy is watertight once installed and doesn’t absorb chemicals or other impurities. Epoxy could be a tough material that will withstand large loads, sharp objects, friction, bumps, floods, and more.

Yes. A mechanical bond is required because a bond is no longer possible once the epoxy has dried. This merely means that the cured epoxy must be lightly sanded before applying the next layer; the primary coat should have a matt, nearly white finish.


The thickness, maintenance, and how much foot or vehicle traffic an epoxy flooring receives will determine its lifespan. Epoxy flooring typically lasts for 10 to 20 years. This is much longer than a painted concrete floor, which might chip and deteriorate quickly in high-traffic areas.

When new, epoxy flooring seems glossy, but it can fog over time. To keep the sheen on the floor, clean it at least once a year. You can do this by hosing down the floor with hot water and drying it with a squeegee. The goal is to eliminate any residues or cloudiness that could dull the floor.


Epoxy Floor Lexington, KY, installs industrial-grade epoxy floors for residential and commercial applications. No projects are beyond our capabilities. Why pay for a flooring job twice when you can hire the top epoxy floor contractors in Lexington?

The epoxy flooring we install is built to last a lifetime. We have a team of experts who will ensure that your epoxy investment pays off. We provide the complete package in terms of first-class contractors, modern materials, quick response, supervision, and superior customer service. Our team is the best in handling epoxy flooring projects, finding the correct contractors for your job, and responding quickly. If you would like to get more information about our services or request an estimate for your epoxy floor installation, feel free to contact us.

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